For one week in June 2009, Matt Sesow lived and painted in Trebneje, Slovenia as a guest for the “42nd annual meeting of naive artists”... at the Galerija Likovnih Samorastnikov Trebnje.  also attended by artists Lena Koski (Finland), Sue Prince (England), Rosen Rashev (Bulgaria), Joze Protner (Slovenia), Tomaz Maurin (Slovenia), and Stane Novak (Slovenia).

In the beginning the art camps and exhibitions were focused on Yugoslav naïve art. However the annual meetings and exhibitions have soon grown to international scale. So far the gallery has a fond of almost 1000 art works that were executed by more than 230 artists from 35 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas).

The gallery has participated and exhibited its collection in different parts of Slovenia, former Yugoslavia, Musée International d'Art Naïf Vicqu and in Insita 94 National Gallery Bratislava. In all this years the gallery has been professionally supported by well established names in the art world such as dr. Zoran Kržišnik, dr. Mirko Juteršek, Janez Gartnar, Nebojša Tomašević, Aleksandre Bassin, Gerhard Ledić, Andrej Pavlovec, Oto Bihalji Merin, Josip Depolo.

Sesow in Trebnje, Slovenia 2009

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