“Proper Cricket” (available)


“Proper Cricket”, loan from matt sesow, 22” x 15” on paper, 2015


This painting was returned in great shape from the museum show!  the American Visionary Art Museum kept 26 paintings from the show that I loaned them for their permanent collection.  THIS PAINTING is one of the 7 that was returned to me.  It is now available for sale.

This paintiing will be available for sale directly from Matt Sesow at the end of the exhibition in June 2017.  Use the email form below to notified when the painting becomes available.

My ‘proper cricket’ series is inspired by my maternal grandmother.  Growing up, I remember on occasion my grandmother mentioning that a certain activity or behaviour was not “proper cricket”.  I always thought she was refering to a bug, the cricket. In fact she was refering to the game, the sport of cricket.  So when somebody was ‘breaking the rules’ or being dishonest or misbehaved, they were not practicing ‘proper cricket’.

© Matt Sesow 2016