Matt's paintings release the tragedy and trauma of a life threatening accident he suffered as a child and transform them in a vibrant and prolific 
outpouring of raw emotional force.  When Matt was eight years old, his predominant arm was severed by the propellor of a landing aircraft while he 
played on an air strip outside his home in Nebraska.

Self-taught and one-armed, Matt is a full-time artist and paints daily in a testament to the frailty of everyday living and a celebration of his existence.
Described in the media under the various guises of "outsider" or "brut art," Matt describes himself as a "self-teaching" artist.  The almost 4,000
paintings he has produced since he began painting eleven years ago, he views as studies and training for what lies ahead.

In his own words, "I am growing.  I am accessible.  I have an education.  I am not just an outsider, but I've lived in places you'll never go.
I am not just visionary, but I'll paint one thousand Buddha if I feel like it.  Call me whatever you want.  I am Matt Sesow."
This is Matt's first solo exhibition in New York City, and it brings together hundreds of new works from over the past six months.  

Matt has shown extensively throughout the United States including, the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Hearst Gallery (CA), 
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art (MT), Loveland Museum and Gallery (CO), Museum of the Southwest (TX), and the San Jose Art League Gallery (CA).
In 2001, Matt was honored with a solo exhibition at the Corcoran Museum in Washington, D.C.

This limited run exhibition, curated by David Hurd, is being held only four blocks from the Outsider Art Fair, and will be open throughout the Fair.

Big Cat Gallery is pleased to present hundreds of recent works by self-taught artist Matt Sesow. 
The exhibition runs from January 22, 2004 through January 26, 2004, with a reception for the artist Thursday January 22nd from six to nine in the evening.
Gallery hours are Thursday, 2-9 PM and Friday through Monday from noon until 7:00 p.m.  Big Cat Gallery is located in Manhattan's Lower East 
Side at 28 East 2nd Street, between Bowery and Second Avenue.

front and back of flier handed out and hung in the East Village:

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