"Collateral Damage" 10 plays about a Sesow painting (Phoenix, 2005) ***

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"Collateral Damage" 10 plays about a Sesow painting

(Phoenix, 2005)

"Collateral Damage" named best experimental theater production in phoenix/tucson for 2005 (East Valley Tribune, Chris Page/critic)

"Collateral Damage," Cheap Theatrix: Raymond Shurtz collected a handful of antiwar plays and strung them together against a painting by Washington, D.C., artist Matt Sesow. Somewhat thoughtprovoking, occasionally brilliant, entirely fresh."

"Collateral Damage (Living Hell)"
8 feet x 9 feet
acrylic/mixed on canvas

Press Release

cheap theatrix @Metro Arts announces

"Collateral Damage"

Raymond Shurtz, Artistic Director of cheap theatrix, has assembled plays from ten of Phoenix's finest playwrights to create "Collateral Damage". The show will consist of ten-minute plays by these playwrights in reaction to the painting 'Collateral Damage' (a living hell) by internationally known painter, Matt Sesow. This collaboration began several months ago after Mr. Shurtz contacted Mr. Sesow at his home in Washington D.C. in response to his stunning paintings involving the war in Iraq. Mr. Sesow agreed to paint a large 8'X 9' canvas which will serve as the center piece of the ten minute plays.

The playwrights, Brenda Edwards, Nick Newberry, Susan Simpson LaFave, Judith Eisenberg, Tom Wooler, Chuck Hinckley, Renee Simms, Gerry King, Linda King, and Raymond Shurtz, were selected during a two-month 'call to playwrights' period. The ten plays range from the very serious issues facing our soldiers in combat, to biting satire, from the left to the right, from the fallen to the risen. Seventeen actors will perform the over fifty roles required for this full-length production.

In addition, cheap theatrix and Metro Arts, will be exhibiting Matt Sesow's emotionally riveting work in the gallery adjacent to the main theatre before, after, and during intermission of all the performances. Mr. Sesow will be attending the opening along with the playwrights and performers. Music will be provided by 'Drawbridge', with the theatre performance of 'Collateral Damage' to follow.

Dates: April 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th 9th, 15th , and16th.

Times: The April 1st opening will begin at 6:30pm for Mr. Sesow's exhibit, and 8:00pm for the theatrical performance of 'Collateral Damage' . All other shows will consist of a 7:00pm exhibit and the 8:00pm performance.

Location: Metro Arts Institute, 1700 N. 7th Avenue. (Just North of McDowell Rd. on the West side of 7th Avenue.

Tickets: $10 adults $8 students

Reservations or more information: (602) 258-4798

Reservations can also be made by e-mailing cheaptheatrix@earthlink.net.

Matt Sesow's paintings can be viewed on line at www.sesow.com

click image above to visit new paintings by Matt Sesow