www.Sesow.com *** Sesow at Rebus Works ***

Matt Sesow will be at Rebus Works

Saturday Nov 12 @4pm

to talk about his exhibition of paintings from his show : "Carrots and
Sticks : bunnies and bullies"

Please come see this show and hear Matt's words on his content rich, raw
and energetic body of work that has cogent commentary on our current
socio-political dichotomies in the USA.


Opening reception: Sunday September 11, 2-5 pm*
Gallery Talk: Sunday November 12, 4pm (artist visiting from Washington DC)
Office Walls: Eddie Taylor, Ollie Wagner and Pete Connolly
*Chris Hubbard, Kentucky native will be present with his Heaven and Hell art
car (see attached photo below)

Rebus Works presents paintings by painter Matt Sesow,

September 11 through November 12, 2005. Sesow is a prolific artist whose
vast number of raw, expressionistic works are exhibited in galleries and
museums throughout the world. Most recently, he has exhibited at the
American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore MD and big cat gallery in New
York City. He is a full time artist , making paintings and short films.
His art synthesis the influences of his traumatic childhood accident that
left him disabled, and the raw energy of punk rock. Sesow’s vibrant colors
and uninhibited brush strokes jump from the canvas and often communicate
socio-political commentary. He lives in Washington DC where he gathers
inspiration from our capital city.

In one of the many articles written about his work, it says,

“Matt Sesow’s Nightmarish portraits possess a voracious brutality that hits
the eyes like sand, but embed in the heart with unexpected wonder.”

(Timothy Cahill, Albany New York Times Union, 2004)

In Matt’s own words he says,” I suppose everybody has experienced some pain
and fear in their lives. Just as paintings of pretty flowers and sunsets
with horses make us smile and feel content, I want to paint emotionally
charged intense works that cause discomfort or inspire people to challenge
themselves. I had some unique physical trauma as a child that got me
started on this path.. I’m generally a happy person, but I have taught
myself to channel anger and intensity in art. The best musicians and
painters have done it, those are my heroes.”

In his exhibition, Carrots and Sticks: bunnies and bullies, Sesow comments
on dichotomies in life. His artist statement brings more insight:
I started painting in Washington, DC as a hobby and a way to impress a girl
back in 1993. I was gainfully employed as a software engineer for IBM and
had never considered painting as a way to make a living, let alone spend my
free time. Since then, the thousands of paintings I’ve created have evolved
from being curious oddities amongst friends and family, into a full-time
professional pursuit with hundreds of collectors around the world.
In the beginning, I obsessively created paintings that were influenced and
inspired by a childhood accident with a landing airplane. When I was eight
years old, I was struck by the propeller of an airplane that subsequently
amputated my left-dominant hand. My early paintings reflected the trauma
and frustration of growing up in rural Nebraska with a physical disability.
While my work continues to be influenced by my disability, I have emerged to
tackle a variety of societal, personal, and historical issues through my
Thank you for attending this exhibit of “Carrots and Sticks: bunnies and
bullies:”. It is my hope that you feel an emotional reaction to the work
displayed. I feel we’ve all had experiences with carrots and sticks,
whether on the receiving end, or deciding how to address a challenging
situation. America seems to be at a pivotal period in world history where
our actions as a country will steer the course for generations on a variety
of continents. I live and work full-time as an artist in the heart of
Washington, DC. I feel uniquely fortunate to be creating in and influenced
by living in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.
Thanks for looking. Matt.