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VH1 video countdown
features Sesow painting

VH1 top 20 video countdown
sesow painting in background
February 2007

Artomatic 2007

Creative Partners Gallery
Bethesda, MD
January 2007

New York City
van der Plas Gallery

"Take Another Look Outside"
group show
January 2007

Solo Show
D Gallery

Oceanside/San Diego
March 2007

Cover of Audio Book

Audio book by Michael A. Arnzen
Spring 2007

Matt Sesow Paints Live

Adams Morgan
January 2007

2006: Interviews, Postcards, and other Press
DC Style Magazine

Sesow interview
Jan/Feb 2006

Sesow paints in
Essouira and Marrakech
Sesow paints during Opera
and Interview with N&O newspaper

Sesow paints onstage during performance
of "Don Giovanni" in Raleigh, NC
October 2006
Sesow in Hurn Museum
Savannah, GA

"The Faces of Folk"
Days of Action, Calls For Peace

Sesow paintings used
Ventura, CA
March 2006
Group show: Banners from the Fringe

Group show of paintings on street banners
DC Economic Partnership
July 2006
Mural in Washington, DC
Fringe Festival July 2006

Sesow paints Mural with fellow DC artist
24 hour Fringe Festival event
Solo show: Rebus Works (Raleigh)
and Interview with N&O newspaper

Solo show of "Don Giovanni" paintings
at RebusWorks Gallery in Raleigh, NC
November 2006
Article in MSDC magazine

"Art of War"
November 2006
Sacramento Bee
"Critic's Pick"

Pamela Skinner Gallery
7th Annual Dog and Cat Group Show
Exit Clov CD cover

Sesow painting on two CD covers
by DC band Exit Clov
"Soul Mining"

Two-person Show
Studio One Eight (DC)
August 2006
Outsider Art
in the Hamptons

August 2006
Two-person show
Bethesda, MD

June 2006
Washington, DC

City Paper Critic's Pick
June 2006
Alcove Gallery
Atlanta, GA

Show with Justin Kauffmann
September 2006
"Ideas in Pictures" #5

Two drawings by Matt Sesow in 2006 publication
"The Pain Practitioner" Magazine
Spring 2006

Painting by Matt Sesow accompanies Magazine article

Gallery Neptune
Feb 2006

"Collateral Damage"
10 plays

10 plays written/performed about Sesow painting
April 2005
Solo Show Virginia Beach, VA

Hogan Gallery
April 2005
Off The Beaten Path
New York City

Group Show
January 2006
Art Singulier Show Catalog

8th Annual International Art Singular Festival
Roquevaire, France
Dec 2004 - jan 2005

Sesow paints in
Buenos Aires
Feb 2005
Solo Show
Raleigh, NC

Rebus Works
"Carrots and Sticks: bunnies and bullies"
November 2005
Museum of Contemporary Art DC
June 2005

"What's So Terrible About
Being Beautiful"?
Sesow on Outsider Art

Hartford Courant
Visionary Art Museum
"Holy H2O"

2 paintings by Sesow on exhibit
Washington Post Critic's Pick
Oct 2004 - Sept 2005
Solo Show Washington, DC

Studio One Eight Gallery
"Eye of the Storm"
October 2005
"Learning to Crawl" (Cleveland, OH)

Inside Outside Gallery
August 2005
"On The Wall"
Portland, OR

Shoe painting to benefit Skatepark
Martin Luther King Library

Two-person show with Dana Ellyn
Washington, DC
Alcove Gallery
Atlanta, GA

"Date Night"
with Nina Friday,
Brian Cuunningham, Dana Ellyn
Alcove Gallery
Atlanta, GA

"Fruit Bowl" group show
Sesow Interview

DC Hill Rag magazine
March 2005
Exit Clov CD cover

Sesow painting on two CD cover
by DC band Exit Clov, 2005
Solo Show Minneapolis, MN

Gallery Co.
"Looking Back, Sprint Forward"
July 2005

Washington Post Interview

"Ask the Expert" column
March 2004
Newspaper article (Intowner)
Washington, DC

Sesow at the Visionary Museum/Baltimore
October 2004
Solo Show, New York City

Big Cat Gallery
New York City, NY
January 2004
Artomatic 2004

Story about banned items from City Museum
Dictionary by Sesow removed from exhibit
November 2004
Guillotine Post
Solo Show

Left Turn Magazine
front and back cover

Left Turn Magazine
Sept/October 2004
Big News Magazine
cover and inside

Cover and inside
Homeless benefit magazine
New York City
April 2004
Brutarian Quarterly Magazine

Painting by Sesow used for story/article
#42, Summer 2004
"100 Jolts
shockingly short stories"

Painting by Sesow used on cover of book
Big News Magazine

Sesow painting used on back of magazine
April - October 2004
Two-person Show (Atlanta)

Alcove Gallery
Aug-Sep 2004
Exit Clov CD cover

Sesow painting on two CD covers
by DC band Exit Clov, 2004
Solo Show, Charlottesville

Nature Visionary Art Gallery
Charlottesville, VA
April 2004
Sesow in controversy

Washington Post Article
Funky Furniture controversy
April 2004
Sesow paints live
Schenectady, NY

Viewpoint Gallery
May 2004
Christopher and Dana Reeve
Paralysis Resource Guide

Paintings by Sesow used in the guide

Interview with "the Palette"

Interview with "the Palette"
publication of VSA Arts
Spring 2003
Article in "Artesian" Magazine

Number 5, 2003
Group Show

Nisk-Art Gallery (Schenectady)
December 2003
Compass Magazine Article
and cover

December 2003
Residency in COSTA RICA

1 Month, 250 Paintings.
F**king Wasps
(Los Angeles)

Sesow paints backdrop of play
for Theater of Note
(written about Alfred Kinsey)
Folk Fest

Sesow sells paintings at folkest
Coagula Magazine
(Los Angeles)

Review of Sesow's work
with Theater of Note
F**king Wasps
November 2003
Sesow wins "Juror's Choice Award"
Schenectady, NY

Viewpoint Gallery
May 2003
Kudzu Wish CD cover
Reverse Hurricane

Sesow paintings on CD cover and inset
by NC band Kudzu Wish, 2003
First Place Honors
Adams Morgan Day

Washington, DC 2003
Sesow's War Paintings

Some reactions to the US Wars in Iraq/Afghanistan
Sesow showing in Lincoln

University Place Art Gallery
B-Side group show
Adams Morgan

August 2003
Washington, DC

Sesow talks art at New School
(New York, NY)

Outsider Art Show
May 2002
Big News Magazine
cover and inside

Cover and inside
Homeless benefit magazine
New York City
February 2002
Matt Sesow Interview
(Washington, DC)

Northwest Passages newspaper
October 2002
Folk Art Messenger

Summer/Fall 2002
Matt Sesow donates painting to benefit FASA

One month in Sofia, Bulgaria
"Geek Corps" Volunteer
several paintings
Sesow wins "Best in Show"
Schenectady, NY

Viewpoint Gallery
May 2002
"Revelations And Reflections"
11 venues over 3 years

"Hellbound" and "Bunny Collector"
"In Response"
(Savannah, GA)

Sesow responds to 911
Sept-November 2002
Folk Art Messenger

Winter 2002
Matt Sesow thanks FASA and Savannah
Group Show "Held Ransom"

Gallery three
San Pedro, CA
October 2002
America Oh Yes
(Washington, DC)

"Artists with (dis)abilities"
Sept-November 2002
Sesow at Oceanview, Deleware Gallery

Stone's Breath Gallery
Sesow interview

with GetUnderground.com
Contemporary Art Center
(Virginia Beach, VA)

"OUTSIDE/IN: Visionary Artists and Virginia Collectors"
November 2002
Nonprofit Magazine
"Enron" painting

"Enron" painting published, full page
fall 2002
Regional Juried Show
(Washington, DC)

"To the Nth Degree"
Touchstone Gallery
New Art International

Volume VIII 2002-2003
Matt Sesow on page 17 of the book

1995 - 2001:

"Peace Corps" Volunteer
several paintings
Creating Internet Entertainment

Matt Sesow's webpage from 1995-1997
featured in this 1997 publication
Brutarian Magazine Interview

1999 Interview
Solo Show Washington, DC
Corcoran Museum

White Walls Gallery at Corcoran Museum
May 2001
Self-Taught Artist Guide Book

Book from 2000 gives "description" of Matt Sesow
"The Sadist" DVD

Cover art by Matt Sesow, 1997
All Day Entertainment
San Jose Art League

Folk Art Finder

1997 Article